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Power l'energia Colleghiamo Cable Accessories​ QUALITY AND RELIABILITY Our products stand out for JOINTS and are tested to ensure compliance with the
most stringent international standards
PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS for Low, Medium and High Voltage power networks 79 Countries approved by 134 distribution system operators 9 million all over the world, of joints and terminations are what we strongly believe in INVESTMENTS and INNOVATION

Sales Network

Elcon Megarad is a qualified Supplier to more than 130 Utilities in 5 continents, operating distribution networks in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Cyprus, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, and many others.

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With a 40 years’ experience in designing custom solutions for LV, MV and HV power cable accessories Elcon Megarad is the Italian specialist and a reliable partner for many Utilities and Customers in the world