The transformation of urban spaces into smart and digital environments is the target of a call promoted by the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), within the activities of RAISE’s Ecosystem Spoke 5, funded by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR).

The call targets small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), microenterprises, and large companies in Liguria and Southern Italy, with a budget of 12 million of Euro allocated to finance innovative projects in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence applied to smart cities,  environment, territory, health, and port areas.

Smart Cities, Digitalization, Connectivity

 Smart  cities sector has experienced constant revenue growth. According to Juniper Research, the new-generation city ecosystem, including services and products, will constitute a $23 billion investment market by 2028, with exponential growth of 144% compared to the current $9.5 billion.

According to the European Union’s definition, smart cities are places “where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital solutions for the benefit of its citizens and businesses.” In an era where connectivity is the foundation of smart cities, the importance of robust and secure electrical networks cannot be underestimated. Elcon Megarad has played a crucial role in developing and producing high-quality components for electrical networks. These components are essential to ensure that the energy produced, often from renewable sources in a smart city, is efficiently and securely transmitted through medium-voltage cables. These cables are, in fact, the backbone of any urban electrical network, connecting power plants, substations, and residences.

Medium-voltage cables are designed to transport electrical energy over long distances with minimal losses. This is essential to ensure that energy from renewable sources, often located far from urban centers, can be efficiently distributed.

The IIT program aims to place small and medium-sized enterprises and intelligent urban regeneration at the center of its initiatives. In particular, projects eligible for funding must exhibit a high level of innovation achieved through the development of enabling technologies designed to enhance the competitiveness of the production and social system.

Without the energy and connectivity provided by companies like Elcon Megarad, such achievements would be unimaginable. Proprietary technology and highly reliable solutions are essential to ensure that smart cities function efficiently and without interruptions. The IIT call is just one example of how Italy is investing in innovation and digitalization.

In particular, the call aims to generate actions to facilitate the green and digital transition, fostering the innovation ecosystem in Liguria and establishing industrial and research and development supply chains in the Southern regions, in accordance with the directives of the Ministry of University and Research (Mur) included in the “Call for the Creation and Strengthening of Territorial Innovation Ecosystems,” within which the Raise project was funded.

An innovative approach focused on strengthening regional synergies with the aim of enhancing international competitiveness.

SMEs at the Core of Competitiveness Strategies

SMEs are the cornerstone of the European production system and serve as a catalyst for innovation and competitiveness. Small and medium-sized enterprises are the primary target of the call promoted by IIT due to their capacity for innovation and value generation. Large enterprises, on the other hand, can access funding only through partnerships with smaller entities. Projects can receive contributions of up to €500,000.00 for single enterprises or partnerships of micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises, and up to €700,000.00 for partnerships that include a large enterprise.

The evaluation process will be conducted by a panel of selected experts, and the proposals will subsequently be analyzed by research teams within the Spokes.

This initiative falls within the scope of activities aimed at valorizing research, technology transfer, and knowledge management managed by Spoke 5 throughout the Raise Ecosystem, under the coordination of the Italian Institute of Technology. It supports research and development activities carried out by scientific Spokes coordinated by CNR, the University of Genoa, and IIT itself.

Services Focused on Digital Connections

Investing in smart cities means promoting services and facilitations centered around pervasive, powerful, and reliable connectivity. In this regard, connectivity plays a critical role in the development of intelligent services in smart cities. The role of the cable industry is of vital importance in ensuring stable energy connections capable of handling substantial volumes of digital data.

Without a robust and reliable network, the concept of “smart” becomes irrelevant. The partnership between Elcon Megarad, medium-voltage cables, and smart cities is a perfect example of how industry and urban planning can collaborate for a greener and more sustainable future.

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