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Elcon Megarad is the Italian company that designs, produces, tests and markets power cable accessories and components for electrical networks all around the world.

Our Research and Development department is ceaselessly active in setting innovative materials and technologies with particular attention to the several markets demands. Our laboratories for materials characterization and high voltage testing support with the highest reliability the design and development of a wide range of joints and terminations for all the types of cables on the market, according to the CENELEC, IEC, IEEE, and ASTM standards. Elcon Megarad management system is certified ISO 9001 and ISO  14001. Our Company cooperates since many years with several important Italian Universities.
Elcon Megarad S.p.A.

Entirely Italian industrial group


Elcon and Megarad were founded in the early Eighties. Elcon Megarad, born as a result of the merging of the two companies, is today part of a fully Italian industrial group. The Company operates and is internationally recognized in the field of design and production of accessories and components for low, medium and high voltage power cables, and of other products for insulation and electrical connection. During last 40 years Elcon Megarad has gained deep experience in the market as a supplier of the most important Electric Utilities, for which it has developed and homologated specific proprietary solutions, with certified quality, compliant with the strictest international technical specifications.

1980. Nasce la Elcon S.r.l.

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1981. Diventa S.p.A.

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1987. Costituzione Megarad

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2005. Elcon Megarad S.p.A.

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2010. Invenzioni & Brevetti

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2020. Nuovi obiettivi

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Elcon Megarad is the specialist for the electrical power cables accessories and is a long experienced reliable partner on the worldwide market. Thanks to its lean and efficient organization, its manufacturing competences, and its long international experience in electrical design and materials engineering, Elcon Megarad offers customized proprietary solutions with the utmost level of technology and reliability.







Elcon Megarad is quality ISO 9001, environment ISO 14001, ISO 14067 and ISO 45001 certified. Products are type tested by the most important international laboratories, such as CESI, KEMA, VEIKI, FGH, IPH, SATS, KDEP, LCOE according to IEEE, CENELEC, and IEC standards.

ISO 14001


Environmental Management System
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ISO 14067


CFP Systematic Approach
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ISO 9001


Quality System
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Health and Safety Management System
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Our electrical and chemical laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments to perform the strictest tests on components and accessories of power cables for low, medium and high voltage. Solutions for any request. Design, production, and supply of joints and terminations of different technologies: heat-shrinkable, cold-shrinkable, as well as resin and tape-based solutions.
Chemical laboratory: Chromatography, calorimetric, thermo gravimetric, infrared, cryostat analyses.
High voltage laboratory: B.I.L. test (up to 400 kV), withstand test (up to 300 kV), partial discharge test, thermal cycling test, low and high voltage, tracking test.
Physical laboratory: Elongation test, torsion test, impact test, tensile strength test.

Power cable accessories for low, medium, high voltage.
Cold-shrinkable tubes and components: insulating and stress control tubes and molded parts; plug in terminations – inner and outer cone.
Heat-shrinkable tubes: medium and heavy wall, semiconductive, co-extruded multi-layer, stress control, anti-tracking, thin wall, etc.
Mastics and resins for sealing and electrical applications.
Molded parts: angle boots, rain sheds, breakouts, end caps etc.
Resins: epoxy, polyurethane, hazard free, re-enterable, etc

  • Type Testing of Power Cable Accessories in our HV Laboratory.
  • Training for Installation of Joints and Terminations.
  • Replacement and Verification of any cable accessory at the installation site for our customers.
  • Post-Sales Assistance
Elcon Megarad in its two industrial sites based in Avellino and Caserta manufactures the most advanced key components that form the kits: compounds, heat-shrinkable tubes, mastics and resins for electrical usage, rubber components for the complete accessory assembly. In our physical and chemical laboratory we perform the main tests for material characterization, as infrared, chromatographic, calorimetrical, dynamometrical tests, and so on. In the high voltage laboratory, electrical tests, thermal cycles, salt fog and humidity tests are carried out as by International standards. Elcon megarad organization, competent, dynamic and addressed to the international markets, is able to evaluate the specific requirements of each market, offering its products and services to public and private customers, also through its network of agents and distributors both in Italy and abroad.


Located in Montefredane, Arcella (AV), the main plant for Design, Research and Production Departments


Located in Mignano Montelungo, the production and logistic site, highly specialized for specific manufacturing processes.