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Mastics, tapes and resins

I n our Facility in Mignano Montelungo we design and manufacture adhesives, tapes and resins for electrical use. All formulations are tested in our electrical and chemical laboratories which are equipped with state of the art instruments to perform the most strict tests on components and accessories of power cables for low, medium and high voltage.

Our products

Mastics – Sealing and anti-tracking, filling and for stress control.
Tapes – Self-extinguishing PVC tapes for electrical insulation, cable coating and coding. Self bonding and Semi-conducting for electrical insulation and mechanical protection. Tubular and fiberglass reinforced for resin jointing.
Resins – Polyurethane insulating and re-enterable for low voltage cable jointing.

Epoxy for Telecom Cables and medium voltage jointing. Polybutadiene re-enterable for low-voltage cables as well as cabinet bases in the motorway and street lighting industry.

Our Products

Mastics Tapes Resins