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  • ELCOFIL-62

    ELCOFIL 62 – Gap – filling Sealing Mastic

    Gap – filling Sealing Mastic Rubber-based self fusing tape for gap – filling and seal...

    ELCOMASTIC 75 – Insulating Self Fusing Tape

    Insulating Self Fusing Tape Rubber-based self fusing tape for electrical insulation, suitable for...
  • ELCOMASTIC-83-84

    ELCOMASTIC 83 – 84 – Anti-Tracking Sealing Mastic

    Anti-Tracking Sealing Mastic Rubber-based self bonding tape with erosion and tracking resistance....

    ELCOMASTIC 85 – Stress Control Mastic

    Stress Control Mastic Stress control rubber-based tape. Used to control electrical stresses at th...