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Our electrical and chemical laboratories are equipped with state of the art instruments to perform the most strict tests on components and accessories of power cables for low, medium and high voltage. Solutions for any request.

Design, production, and supply of joints and terminations of different technologies: heat-shrinkable, cold-shrinkable, as well as resin and tape based solutions.

Chemical laboratory:
Chromatography, calorimetric, thermo gravimetric, infrared, cryostat analyses.

High voltage laboratory:
B.I.L. test (up to 400 kV), withstand test (up to 300 kV), partial discharge test, thermal cycling test, low and high voltage, tracking test.

Physical laboratory:
Elongation test, torsion test, impact test, tensile strength test.
Power cable accessories for low, medium, high voltage.
Cold-shrinkable tubes and components: insulating and stress control tubes and molded parts; plug in terminations – inner and outer cone.
Heat-shrinkable tubes: medium and heavy wall, semiconductive, co-extruded multi-layer, stress control, anti-tracking, thin wall, etc.

  • Mastics and resins for sealing and electrical applications.
  • Molded parts: angle boots, rain sheds, breakouts, end caps etc.
  • Resins: epoxy, polyurethane, hazard free, re-enterable, etc
  • Type Testing of Power Cable Accessories in our HV Laboratory.
  • Training For Installation of Joints and Terminations.
  • Replacement and Verification of any cable accessory at the installation site for our customers.
  • Post-Sales Assistance.
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